Enrichment Events

2017/18 Schedule of Enrichment Events

September 28 – Animal Embassy, Life Under The Surface, Gr. 2
October 19 – Len Cabral, Storyteller, Gr. K-5
October 26 – Christina Geist, Author of Buddy’s Bedtime Battery, Gr, ELP – 1
November 3 – DHS STEM project, Gr. 4-5
November 9 – The Bruce Museum, Coastal Ecology,Gr. 4
November 29 – High Touch High Tech, Currently Attractive, Gr. 3
December 12 – Darien Nature Center, ELP
December 14 – High Touch High Tech, Power of Light, Gr. 5
January 24 – Animal Embassy, Animal Habitats, Gr. K
March 20-23 – Royle STEM Week!
March 13 – Music For Youth presents Baryuya! Gr. K-5
March 29 – Animal Embassy, Animal Adaptations, Gr. 1
April 4 – Theatreworks presents The Lightening Thief, Gr. 3-5
April 19-20 – Earth Balloon returns, Gr. ELP – 5
May 21 – Storytime Quartet, Gr. K – 5
June 3 – Royle Garden Grand Re-opening!

For more information, please contact committee chair Beth Jacobs.




Christina Geist, Author of Buddy’s Bedtime Battery




Bruce Museum in Greenwich came to visit Royle 4th graders on November 9th




On November 29th Royle third graders participated in a hands-on science enrichment class titled ”Currently Attractive” led by a High Touch-High Tech instructor. Through hands-on experiments, the students learned about electricity by identifying different conductors (including a dill pickle!) and creating several different kinds of circuits using batteries, light bulbs, and wires. They then had the chance to learn how positive and negative sides of magnets interact with each other and with metals using a variety of magnets and metal objects!




Royle 5th graders got the opportunity for some hands on learning when High Touch High Tech visited the school yesterday. Using mirrors, water, bubbles and light they learned about reflection, refraction and the all around power of light. They got a chance to replicate how the human eye processes light reflections and how the brain automatically flips around everything we see! They were also treated to some fun optical illusions Very “eye opening” for all!




Royle hosted its first ever STEAM week with hands on Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math classes offered every day of the Early Dismissal week. With over 265 children signed up for the various activities, it was an amazing week at Royle! Classes offered to K-5th grade included Robotics, Makey Makey coding, The Science of Color Theory, Keva Plank Engineering Challenges, How Sound Works and Sir Isaac Newton’s Laws of Motion.


First grade students at Royle were excited to spend time with Animal Embassy and learn about the amazing ways animal adapt in nature to survive and thrive. Hedgehogs, tortoises, and frogs were among the interesting animals shared. All of the students enjoyed learning that each animal has its own unique way to blend into its environment for protection, feed itself, and thrive in a variety of environments. Although the animals were all different, they were all spectacular in their own way!



Royle School kicks off Earth week with the Earth Balloon! For the next two days, the Earth Adventure team will meet with every class inside a 20 foot inflatable globe teaching earth science and geography. The fully interactive lessons vary by grade level and are a hit with everyone!