Enrichment Events

The Royle School PTO proudly sponsors the following Enrichment programming. For questions regarding Enrichment, please contact Beth Jacobs.

2018 – 2019 Enrichment Programs

Oct. 17 – Noroton Firetruck Visit, ELP
Oct. 18 – Infinite Roots African Drumming Band, Grades ELP – 5
Oct. 30 – 4th Grade STEM: Processes that Shape The Earth, 5th Grade STEM: Earth and Space System
Nov. 5 – The Traveling Lantern Theatre Group; Sherlock Holmes Takes the Case!, Grades K-5
Nov. 29 – Mad Science, Grade 1
Dec. 11 – Darien Nature Center, ELP
Jan. 11 – High-Touch High-Tech – 3rd Grade
Jan. 15 – The Bruce Museum – K
Feb. 13 – MacInspires Digital Photography – 5th Grade
Feb. 28 – 2nd Grade STEM: Properties of Matter
Mar. 6 – Bruce Museum Animal Adaptations – 1st Grade
Mar. 19 – Mar. 22 – Royle STEAM Week! – Details and registration to come!
Apr. 12 – Dan Gutman, Author, Grades 2-5
Apr. 22-23 – Earth Balloon Adventure, Grades ELP – 5
May 8 – High-Touch High-Tech – 4th Grade
May 9 – Mad Science Fire & Ice – K
May 28 – TheaterWorks USA presents Charlottes Web – Grades 3-5
Be on the lookout for additional programs!
It was a STEM-tastic week at Royle! The Darien High School students came to the Royle School to work with the fourth and fifth-grade students in their classrooms on STEM projects. Fourth-grade students studied the Processes That Shape The Earth. After a discussion on the benefits and hazards of wind, the students were challenged to design and build a structure that would withstand a windstorm created by the DHS students. This hands-on activity demos started the concepts of structural engineering and aerodynamic design. Fifth grade was equally challenged while Exploring and Understanding Environmental Impact of Oil Spills. Through the simulation of an oil spill, students investigated oil spills and the environmental impact they have on shorelines and creatures. Students took on the task of cleaning up a simulated oil spill to decrease the environmental impact.

Royle elementary K-5th graders enjoyed a performance from the interactive theater group, the Traveling Lantern at school today! The performance was a re-enactment of a Sherlock Holmes mystery, where audience members got to use their “deductive reasoning” to solve a crime!

The Royle first grade classes are mad for Mad Science!
Students learned about the concept of Space Travel through hands-on experiments. All students tested the properties of rocket propulsion and thrust by racing balloon rockets filled with compressed air. They were also challenged to devise a balloon-powered rocket car and build a unique Space Copter to take home. For our grand finale, students witnessed a thrilling model rocket launch, and learn the meticulous preparations necessary to send up a rocket!

High-Touch High-Tech presented Fun’omena for all 3rd grade classrooms at Royle School on Friday, January 11. During the 90 minute presentation, students learned about what causes phenomenons such as volcanoes, tsunamiphenomenons, hurricanes and more. They learned hands-on about air pressure and inversion and ended the session investigating materials that made slime!

The Bruce Museum of Greenwich, CT brought the Animal Adaptations exhibit to the Royle Kindergarten classes. In this exciting, hands-on program, students explore how different body coverings, behaviors, colors and physical structures help vertebrates (mammals, birds, reptiles and fish) adapt to their environment, find food and escape from enemies. Utilizing objects from the Bruce Museum’s traveling taxidermy and touch collections this program allowed students to get hands on experience with animal adaptations.

Travis from Macinspires visited Royle 5th graders to discuss digital photography. Students learned the main differences between analog and digital cameras. They also got the chance to show off their photography skills and creative minds by using iPads to do a classroom scavenger hunt.