To Parents/Guardians of current Royle Students from ELP to 4th grade: The directory team is collecting and verifying information for the 2019-2020 Royle School Directory. If you want to be included (print and/or digital) for the 2019-20 school year, you must verify and/or add any new information in the AtoZConnect directory system. This is the only way we are collecting family information for the directory so please make sure to add it if you want to be in the directory.
If you already have one or more children at Royle, you should have received an email from AtoZ to verify the Directory information. If you are new to Royle or did not receive the email from Royle School Directory Team, please go here: join.atozconnect.com. You will be prompted to input your family and student information (add yourself and your children) to the Royle digital directory. 
Note: your family does not need to pay for your information to be included in Royle Directory.If you want to be able to access it or to buy a copy, you will be able to purchase the directory in your preferred format. We are offering three options this year: 1- Digital directory only, 2- Print directory only – sent home in backpacks in the fall, and 3- Print & Digital- for both digital membership and the print copy.

Also Note: if you also have a student at MMS, DHS or any other school using AtoZConnect as their digital directory, you will need to verify your information for each school separately. All students are now identified by their year of graduation, not their grade level
Thank you for helping us get the most accurate directory by going through this process and supporting the Royle PTO!  Joanna Rieger joannasweber@yahoo.com,  Amy Donnelly dunkinamyl@aim.com, and Carolina Copp√© carozam48@hotmail.com

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