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MacInspire’s visited 5th-grade classrooms last week for “Robotics with mBots.” Students experienced how to program robots first hand through block-based code and used the mBots to perform various challenges! Mbot has a built-in distance sensor, color sensor, lights, sounds and more – all able to be controlled and manipulated through important programming concepts students learned.

All grades enjoyed listening to Music for Youth’s jazz performance. A five person ensemble, the Birdland Big Band from NYC, arrived with a piano, drums, saxophone, bass and trombone. They performed compositions by Charlie Parker and Miles Davis and explained some history behind the pieces and answered questions about the instruments and jazz posed by the students. It was a thoroughly enjoyable experience for all students!

Royle student’s wrapped up Random Acts of Kindness week with a Broadway-style show, “Bee True to You.” It was a live, pop-rock, interactive anti-bullying show that had students of all ages up and dancing. The program featured two characters who taught students about the value of friendship, kindness and discovering identities through narrative and song. 

Feel the Royle LOVE at NEAT Coffee!

RAK Week
Be The ‘I’ in KIND this week for RAK Week! Random Acts of Kindness week is in full swing with photos of every child in the school creating the ‘I’ in the word KIND in the main hallway! Reinforcing that it’s important at Royle for every student to spread kindness each and every day!

Fun’omena – 3rd grade enrichment
Today 3rd graders had a visit from High Touch HighTech and had a  “Fun’omenal” time learning about why earthquakes happen, how volcanos are formed, how clouds are formed and the power of cold and hot air converging. Next time you see a third grader ask them about the egg…they’ll have a story to tell; and about the volcano…it was a blast!

3rd Grade Strings Concert
A big round of applause is due to Mrs. Minnis and all of the 3rd Graders who participated in Thursday’s Beginner String Recital. All of your practicing and hard work paid off. You sounded fantastic!

Congratulations to our 4th and 5th grade musicians!
The Royle Advanced Band, Strings Orchestra, and Minstrels Chorus performed a spectacular concert in the Common room weaving in this school year’s musical theme, Jazz! A special thank you to Mr. Curley, Ms. Minnie and Ms.Theisen for your helping the children put in such an amazing performance!

The Royle 4th graders had so much fun learning about coastal ecology and meeting sea creatures through a workshop hosted by the Bruce Museum.  After hearing about the Long Island Sound and some of the animals that live there, students were able to touch a living clam, whelk, spider crab, and horseshoe crab. They were truly engaged.

The ELP students had a blast with Ms. Molly from the Darien Nature Center last week. They got to learn about and pet mammals, reptiles, a wild owl – and even witness a ferret escape from a blanket burrito, which brought loads of laughs!

Students welcomed Dr. Jeffrey Vinokur, The Dancing Scientist, to Royle School on Friday, November 22. His educational show covered topics including polymers, energy, acids/bases, gases, air motion and of course, dancing!

Royle 1st and 2nd grade classes attended an assembly called Up, Up and Away on Friday. This fun and interactive event covered topics such as air pressure, states of matter and students saw a hot air balloon and hovercraft in action!

Darien High School Students came to Royle on October 22 for the third and fifth grade STEM Outreach program.  Third graders learned about bridge design and what makes bridges so strong. They used their knowledge of forces to engineer a bridge made out a paper. Students learned that the shape and stability of structures of designed objects are related to function. Fifth grade classrooms investigated oil spills and the environmental impact they have on shorelines and creatures. They took on the task of cleaning up simulated oil spills to decrease the environmental impact. 

Dr. Miguel Cardona, the CT Commissioner of Education and Dr.Alan Addley, DPS Superintendent were given a Royle Welcome when they visited Royle School today! Students sang the Royle School song and a few other melodies to share our school spirit!

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