Royle Photo Gallery

Students welcomed Dr. Jeffrey Vinokur, The Dancing Scientist, to Royle School on Friday, November 22. His educational show covered topics including polymers, energy, acids/bases, gases, air motion and of course, dancing!

Royle 1st and 2nd grade classes attended an assembly called Up, Up and Away on Friday. This fun and interactive event covered topics such as air pressure, states of matter and students saw a hot air balloon and hovercraft in action!

Darien High School Students came to Royle on October 22 for the third and fifth grade STEM Outreach program.  Third graders learned about bridge design and what makes bridges so strong. They used their knowledge of forces to engineer a bridge made out a paper. Students learned that the shape and stability of structures of designed objects are related to function. Fifth grade classrooms investigated oil spills and the environmental impact they have on shorelines and creatures. They took on the task of cleaning up simulated oil spills to decrease the environmental impact. 

Dr. Miguel Cardona, the CT Commissioner of Education and Dr.Alan Addley, DPS Superintendent were given a Royle Welcome when they visited Royle School today! Students sang the Royle School song and a few other melodies to share our school spirit!

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