The Darien Public Schools recognizes the diverse needs of all students through the differentiation of a robust and rigorous curriculum that is engaging, meaningful, creative, and cognitively complex. Differentiation and choice exist within the general education program to serve all students within the social, emotional, and learning spectrums. The Darien Public Schools also recognize that gifted students require specialized instruction due to their high intellectual ability and exceptional demonstration of the following traits: original or divergent thinking, curiosity, abstract reasoning ability, passion for learning, and creativity. 
The Idea Program offers distinct instruction for students in grades two through nine, based on their unique learning pathways, through rigorous, enriching, interdisciplinary programming through the domains of English Language Arts and Mathematics. The National Association for Gifted Children has identified common characteristics of gifted individuals which can be found by clicking here.
If you believe your child consistently demonstrates a preponderance of these traits, both in and out of the school setting, then you may want to discuss the possibility of a referral with your child’s teacher. Parents/guardians or teachers may submit a referral for evaluation for students in grades 1-8 from January 11th-January 29th. For additional information about the evaluation process and related referral forms visit the program’s website,, or contact your building administrator. 

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