Be Water Smart

Find one of the many reusable water bottles you own and pledge to stop buying plastic bottled water.  Other ways to be smart about your water usage include collecting rainwater and minimizing water usage while brushing teeth, washing dishes and taking showers, etc.

Use the Re-Usable Shopping Bags

In order for the reusable shopping bags to do any good, they have to be used!  Find a way to remember to bring the earth-friendly bags with you to the store (keep them by the door or in your car) and reduce the number of plastic bags that you waste.

Think Local

Doing business locally not only helps our local economy to bloom but also reduces the carbon footprint we are making on Mother Earth.  Lessening your commute can save money, as well as provide more opportunities for walking or biking and getting in touch with the outdoors.

Do Second-Hand

Instead of buying books, borrow them from a friend or use the library.  Second-hand clothes are money-savers and earth-friendly, especially for growing kids. When your kids outgrow their clothes, pass them on to a family in need, a thrift store, or find another way to recycle the clothing and textiles.  The Darien Swap Shop at the Darien Transfer Station and Recycling Center is a great resource for finding or dropping off previously loved toys, furniture, home goods, etc.

Buy (or Grow) Natural Foods

Eat more seasonal fruits, vegetables and whole grains, preferably locally grown when you can.  Avoid the “boxed” processed foods and lean towards foods that come from the earth. Local organic foods will be free of pesticides and also don’t take as much energy to get to you.

Teach our Children

Teach your children about why it is so important to take care of our earth by leading by example and getting them involved.  They may even teach us new things about the environment!  Be open to their ideas.