Betsy Kilmartin and Natasha Tomai (Lantier):

We are here to support the Royle community and to be active members of the CDSP Special Education Subcommittee. To support the school community, we along with Assistant Principal, (add name), will act as a resource to parents with children navigating special education. Along with the executive board of the PTO, we help examine opportunities for inclusion and provide support for parents of children with special needs. As a member of the Special Education Subcommittee, we will help to identify any district-level issues that may need to be escalated to CDSP, administration, and/or the Board of Education as guided by CDSP’s mission statement.

Our committee goals are as follows:

  • Provide monthly input to PTO Chairs, Ms.Torre and special education assistant principal (name) regarding ongoing special education issues within the district.
  • Sponsor special Ed appreciation day.
  • Evaluate PTO sponsored programming to identify opportunities to improve inclusion of all students.
  • Work with relevant PTO Committee Chairs to build inclusion and community 
  • Work with CDSP Special Education Subcommittee to identify common issues and share best practices at monthly meetings
  • Give any relevant feedback to CDSP Special Education Chairperson during the Board of Education budget process.
  • Work with Assistant Principal and administration to address building-level issues as appropriate and build community
  • Build community among Royle parents